Give Time to the Library

There are a variety of ways volunteers contribute to the Library. Volunteers help with collections, mailings, and special events. They might assist students with their homework, or provide instruction to new adult learners and those who have limited access to or experience with computer technology.

Are you looking for a place to volunteer your time? The Whiting Library welcomes volunteers. We have a variety of tasks that need doing every day, so there is sure to be something that will fit your special skills.

Stop in the library and visit with our director, Meg, and find out what you can do for the library.

Volunteers may:

  • Shelve books
  • Mend books
  • Apply book jackets
  • Help with displays or exhibits
  • Help with Open House or other library activities
  • Help with Preschool Story Hour
  • Help with Summer Story Hour
  • Deliver books to shut-ins
  • Make posters
  • Help maintain the flowerbeds
  • Help with inventory
  • Check shelves to keep books in order
  • Apply labels to DVD cases
  • (and even dust!)