For Children

Programs and services especially for children.

Just for KIDS

  • Very Ready Reading Program, (story time) every Saturday at 3:30pm       
  • Summer Story Hour  - Friday mornings in July 10:00 - 11:00holladay14.JPG
  • Ask about our Day Care Out-Reach Program
  • Kid's Crafts--every Tuesday
  • Reading Buddies--reading program, 2:30 - 3:30 Wednesdays
  • Storyline Online:
  • Special events and programs just for kids all year long
  • We also offer:                                              

·         Books

·         Puppets and puppet theater

·         Puzzles

·         Toys

·         Magazines

·         Audio books

·         DVD's

·         Games

·         iPad - Kid-safe games, not connected to the Internet teddy bears 2.jpg

Links and information for children

Ology: from the American Museum of Natural History's site for kids.

Garden based learning

The Butterfly site

Causes of Colors

Having fun with Minerals and Gemstones

Easy recipes for kid cooking

How products are made

Games for the Brain